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Broken shins

I hope you enjoyed my attempt at a food blog the other day. I don’t plan on doing that often but I did enjoy a bit of a change…
My mileage in the last ten days has unfortunately taken a bit of a hit. After a 3.5 mile run along the beachfront last Thursday I developed extremely sore shins which even days later were still aching. The internet diagnosed shin splints, but I was more worried about a stress fracture on my left tibia so I booked an appointment at the Doctor. He was unsure so has referred me to the xray clinic for a closer look and told me to leave off the long runs until we know what’s going on.
I’m trying not to worry too much, but I have a race tomorrow so I heeded his advice and stuck to cross-training this week. At least i’ll be starting with fresh legs, but i’m worried i’ll be on my knees at the end of the 3 miles. It’s another cross country race so at least it will be on soft terrain. Speaking of knees, my sore knee has ben absolutely fine! Frustrating though, it’s only the 21st of January and I’ve suffered two running injuries already… not the best start to a year that’s supposed to be packed with races and one in which I’m trying to run 1000 miles.

So i’m looking forward to the race tomorrow obviously, and i’ll be hoping to beat my time from the last Cross Country; 28m 59s. I’ll also be trying to be um, further up the field than second last in my age group! It’ll be my first race with the Garmin as well – i’m trying to keep a 8.50/9.00 pace for the whole race – looking at the course around Haddo House I don’t think it’ll be quite as hilly as the last event so I hope I’ll be able to run evenly.
The weather looks good and it shouldn’t be too cold either. I’ll still be bearing in mind how chilly I got last time so will pack lots of layers and DRY SOCKS to change into!

In other news, I’ve been tinkering with the blog again and have a feed burner account set up – have you spotted the RSS feed button under my picture on the right? You can now click on that to add me to your Reader and get updates straight away as they come flying out of my fingers! Do it now!
Also, I’ve been awarded a Stylish Blogger award from WatchMeGoRun! More on that tomorrow along with a race update with pictures.

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  1. Good luck tomorrow!

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