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January round up

I feel I’ve been lacking on motivation somewhat this week. It’s been a really busy week at work and the last time I ran was doing speed intervals on Tuesday! I’ve had to work on a project at home every night this week as well as fitting in training. I missed my planned hill training session on Thursday as I had dinner plans with my Mum and I needed a rest day after 4 days of workouts on the trot, and instead of rescheduling it to Friday after work, I came home and slept for two hours. I guess I needed the rest but I still felt bad for skipping it. On Saturday I had more work to do and spent all morning in the bedroom with the laptop and two cats asleep around me until I broke to go for a walk along the beach with Badger…before I knew it it was time to go out for dinner to celebrate a colleagues 65th birthday – no time for a long run on Saturday then. Saturday night turned into Sunday morning and champagne at the Casino at 5am and your so far faithfully abstainful Red Wine Runner falling spectacularly off her tee-total wagon and straight back into old habits. Waking up at 1pm with a stinking headache, heralded only a trip to the cinema in terms of physical achievement; topped off with a greasy Chinese for dinner.

Way to go. I was supposed to wait until the 4th of February til I drank again but they don’t call me Red Wine Runner for nothing. So that was a whole weekend of running scrapped and now on Monday morning I feel fatigued and lethargic as a result.

Back to the gym tonight then – gliding class and then Yoga. Maybe I can push in a couple of miles on the treadmill as well? My running total for the month is 29 miles. To be on target for running 1000 miles this year I should have run 83.3 miles, or 2.74 miles a day. Not a stellar start to the year really, I didn’t even get half way there.

My other goal for the year of course is to run a race every month. I don’t have one currently scheduled for March but I think I will register for the RunGarioch 10k, which is on the 20th of March. I just got paid today so I should do it before I forget. This will push me to get ready for a 10k race before I go to Austin on the 28th of March. I’m obviously planning to run while I’m in Texas, but since I’m on holiday there may be more leverage for training runs to go out the window… I need to put some pressure on myself I think and a 10k at the end of March will allow me to gauge how my progress has come on and see how much work I need to do for Baker Hughes in May (which is the one race I already have a PR on and am training to beat it!)

I can’t help but feel a little disappointed in myself. I can’t honestly say I’ve really tried hard enough to meet my monthly goal mileage and my only excuse is my own lethargy. And a possible stress fracture I suppose. Here’s to a better February. The days are getting lighter bit by bit making running outside that little bit easier. Onwards and upwards.


  1. Perhaps see if there is a race in Austin whilst you are over there? Might give you a bit more reason to not let the training slip when you are there?

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