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Magic skorts

Hey gang! I’m pleased to report back to my cheerful self and very much back in the game! 8 miles down this week already and it’s only Thursday 😀 Sorry to have been such a mopey guts on Monday, but this isn’t the easiest task I’ve set myself in life so undoubtedly there will be peaks and troughs in the process. I’m putting a healthy amount of pressure on myself to do this the right way and I’ve never been someone to accept anything less than getting it right the first time.

So I sat my mopey arse down on Monday night and wrote a training plan. A proper one – I looked at all my calendars, work commitments and upcoming social events that I’m aware of and wrote down what I’m going to do between now and when I go to Texas next month. I’m hoping to be able to enjoy lots of exercise when I’m over there but I’m on holiday – anything could happen. I’ll have to reassess things when I get back on the 8th of April but up until now I’m set. Here’s what it looks like –

So you probably can’t read that terribly well, but in any case – Mondays are for Yoga and Gliding but I’m always early for class, so I’m adding a speed sprint in beforehand. I’ll remember how long I ran for an in what time and note it down each week. Tuesdays and Thursdays are for speed intervals and hill intervals – starting at 3.5 miles each and increasing every 2 weeks, or as I feel comfortable. Weekends heralds the long run and Wednesday is cross training day and Body Sculpt at the gym. I have a set of weights at home which I like to use in front of the telly so I’m keeping my arm work going on the side.

So that should set me up nicely for the first 10k of the year on the 20th of March – the Specsavers RunGarioch 10k, which is in Inverurie – a small town about 10 miles away. Doing this race will force me to keep my mileage up so I don’t take too much of a dent when I’m away in Texas, as two weeks after that I have the RunBalmoral 10k to do (with it’s infamous hill).

Speaking of hills – tonight was hill rep night! Previously I’ve only ever done this on the treadmill, which is useless in comparison to a real hill on a cross country race or a road. The nights are getting lighter ever so gradually here now – to the extent that the sun is setting just as I leave work at 4.30pm so I can grab about an hour or so of light before it gets too dark. There is a great hill to run on near my house, but it’s a bit isolated to be running on your own on in the dark and it’s also not lit – but now it’s light enough for me to use!

For locals, this is the Broadhill I’m talking about – the great grassy lump behind the Beach Leisure Centre and next to Pittodrie. It’s about a half mile down hill jog from the flat so you can get a nice warm up before tackling it – it’s about a quarter of a mile to ascent on one side and slightly more on the other, but there are a couple of different tracks. Some have stairs and other are just grassy, but they’re all very steep and challenging! There’s a plateau at the top which has a gentle slope before you go back down again so there’s a good recovery area too. The view from the top is quite lovely and a wonderful place to look at the sun set!

The above is the beach front at Aberdeen, looking North. This is where I do most of my runs during the week – from one end to the other and back it’s 5 miles, and to run from my house to use this area brings it up to 6.

Of course, this would be Pittodrie – the home of Aberdeen Football Club and where I ran the Wildhearts Santa Run in December.

So I had a great run tonight – one of those runs where you just feel awesome and don’t want to stop. I could have gone a lot longer than just the 3.5 miles I did (6 reps of the hill) but I stopped when I got home to save my legs for some extra gym work tomorrow and my long run on Saturday.

Came home and hugged my cats – they haven’t been featured enough lately – have some feline!

An awesome run!

Now, about these ‘skorts’. I noticed on some of the other running blogs I read – particularly MealsAndMiles and SkinnyRunner – that these ladies had extremely cute running skirts…which was something I’d never seen. I decided last pay day to see if I could find one as I liked the way they looked and how they made your running ensemble a little more feminine. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, a skort is a skirt with a pair of shorts inside, usually cycling shorts. I don’t think cycling shorts look good on ANYONE once they’re off a bike but the short a-line skirt covers everything up nicely. So, lo and behold, came through again and I snagged one for £11 – I went for a plain black one as I didn’t know whether I’d like it or not. It arrived on Tuesday and I love it! So that was another great boost to my reform after the Monday slump. I haven’t tried it out yet but I think I might get a couple in different colours and incorporate them into my race outfits. Pics? Why not 🙂

Yeah so I’m not going to win Scotland’s Next Top Model any time soon but you get the idea. I really like it, it feels great and I can’t wait to run in it. Badger, ever the supporting boyfriend, asked when I was off to play netball… I stuck my fingers up his nostrils the next time he tried to kiss me.

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  1. Hi, just stopped over from Watch Mego Run. That skort is cute on you! You’re funny too–thanks for the laugh 😀

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