Exactly fifty two weeks ago I was nervously preparing to run my first ever road race. At the time, completing the City of Aberdeen Baker Hughes 10k seemed like the pinnacle of achievement to me and I had no further expectations that I would race again.

My First 10k!

The minute I hung that medal around my neck and realised I had beaten my target (55 minutes) everything changed. That running bug people tell you about? Yeah, they’re not kidding. It takes over your mind, infiltrates your body and fills your heart with glee.

Fifty two weeks later I’ve run 6 further races and I’m ready to run the the Baker Hughes 10k again. I’ve done two 10k races since I set my personal best and unfortunately fifty two weeks later that record still stands – 54 minutes and 47 seconds.

Tomorrow, I’m going to destroy it.

I’m ready to really kick some ass tomorrow. I’ve been chipping away at my pace for weeks, months and I believe that tomorrow is the day that I’m going to break my record. I’m not a naturally speedy runner; hell, I’m not even a natural athlete; so I’ve worked hard for this. I’ve trained, I’ve hydrated, I’ve fuelled and I’ve made a beast of a playlist. I’m ready.

The weather doesn’t look great unfortunately. The forecast has changed a lot – from wet and windy to over cast and dry so who knows what it’s going to come up with on the day. My only nemesis is wind – it’s so exposed along the beach promenade that the wind can get so strong. Fine if it’s going in the right direction of course…

Badger will be heading up the support team as usual, although plenty of other friends are running in this race so chances are I’ll see lots of familiar faces around the course. I’ve worked out the cumulative time/mile splits I need to be beating in order to finish faster than 54 minutes – I’m going to write them on my hand so I can keep track of where I’m at. I basically need to sustain 8:40 mile pace or better for the whole race – I’m going to line up at the start with the 50-55minute finishers and hopefully find a good pacer to latch on to.

My time goal? Other than beating my personal best that is? Well the clue is in the title…I’d be really glad to get 52 minutes. That’s what I’m aiming for anyway – it’s not a fast time really, but it will be fast for me and that’s all that matters.

See you on the other side – I need to go and sleep off my carb-coma!