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To Ogle or not to Ogle?

That, my friends; is the question.

Well I’m fresh back from my follow up appointment at the physiotherapist who is happy with the way my ITBs feel and happy for me to start running again. She recommended a short run before the weekend and then a long run and to come back if there were any further niggles. Sounds good to me – hopefully by Sunday I’ll have made up my mind on whether to run the Glen Ogle 33 mile Ultra on the 5th of November or not.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and comments on my last post – you make very valid points. I’m still split completely 50/50, with the tipping point going to be basically how I feel after a long off road run at the weekend. Here’s how I’ve been weighing it up in my head:


  1. I am in fine long-distance shape right now which takes weeks to build up. To not take advantage of this would be a real shame. Make hay while the sun shines etc.
  2. I would get to finally meet many of my lovely twitter ultrarunning pals in person.
  3. It would round off a fantastic year of training and accomplishments nicely from a 3 Mile race to a 33 mile race in one year? Boom.
  4. This type of race is so different to a road race that it’s barely comparable in terms of impact on the body (read: my ITB) – off road runnng is a lot more friendly on the legs. Also, walking is A-OK in Ultras.


  1. My ITB issues crept out of nowhere in the marathon; they could easily do the same again (but then I could say that every time I step outside the door from now on)
  2. If I got an injury flare up I’d have to pretty much cool it for the rest of the year – no Fraserburgh Half Marathon or any fun Santa runs and the like.
  3. In theory I could do with a good rest after marathon training. (But I feel rested! I’m bored after 10 days off running!! I promise I’ll rest hard after the 5th Nov…)
  4. Taking the time to ‘streamline’ myself (cough, read: lose weight) and have plenty of time on the track doing speed work would hopefully get me a great time at the Fraserburgh Half at the end of November, which would be a good way to round off my year.

You can see for every ‘no’ I’ve got an answer, I know in my heart I’ll get the answer at the weekend when I go for a long off-road run. If it feels good, I’ll get signed up. I wish I could afford a coach to tell me what to do…

In the interim period since my last post I’ve still been working hard – no slacking over here, no Sir. On Thursday I had a good long gym session – half an hour cross-trainer, half an hour on the stepper, then a full upper body weight circuit and foam rolling. Friday I repeated my weight circuit and did abs as well, and Sunday I attended a TRX Fitness class at the gym which was a mental work out. I’ll be the first to admit I have a very weak upper body which meant I struggled on some of the exercises such as full push-ups, but I worked as hard as I could and felt the results the next day. My core was feather weak – I could hardly sit myself up in bed! On Monday I did another cardio brick session (30mins stationary bike/30 mins stepper) with foam rolling to finish, and last night I did a spinning class which was hard work. All in all, a lot of good sweating.

I won’t be running tonight due to it being Brewdog Aberdeen’s 1st Birthday Party and being the loyal shareholder I am I will be there with my chums. Tomorrow I have to work late so it won’t be until Friday that I get to test my running legs out again. I think I’ll just have a couple of miles down at the beach before embarking on a tour of the trails in the Kirkhill Forest on Saturday. I can’t wait 🙂


  1. Hiya, while the GO33 is ‘off road’ it is not a trail route, all soft pine needles and the like. There is a good bit of tarmac involved due to it following NCR7 for quite a distance and Sustrans trying to ensure their network is open to wheelchair users too.
    No reason not to enter though….It’s gonna be a blast.
    I can’t wait, and I’m only support lol.

    Go on, you know you want to 🙂

  2. Just be careful, you don’t want to wreck your knees! Off road can be hard esp if its hilly- as I know from various Highland Crosses etc. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valour. A fast half sounds good to me. Over the Festive season look out for the Beach Bum Fun Run – its a handicapped run from Fittee to the Don and back – but its run on the sand at low tide and you have to go over, under or round the sea end of all the groynes both ways! Im hoping to hit Kirkhill this weekend so Ill look out for you racing round!

  3. You sound very very tempted! You know your body, and sure the ultra guys will have wise words. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  4. You probably know what I think Rhona but I reckon Glen Ogle will be a welcome boost to your confidence running 7 miles farther than Inverness and being a lot slower with stops every 30 minutes for food you’ll love it. It’s gonna be brilliant.

    The 1/2 marathon will be lot more intensive so I think you really need to decide what you’re looking for out of it since this will probably be the last big race of the year. Me? I’ll take a long slow Ultra any day of the week…. 😉

  5. Oh and can you imagine going into 2012 knowing you’ve not only conquered a marathon but an Ultra too. Seriously, though give it plenty of thought before deciding.

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