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D33 Ultra – Training Week 7

This week I bounced back! 57 miles and nearly 11 hours of training? Kaboom!!

D33 Ultra – Training week 7 – 20th February – 26th February

Monday – Yoga
I was happy to get a place in the class this week. Apparently it is the most oversubscribed class at Aberdeen Sports Village at the moment – people just can’t gt enough of it. I spoke to the instructor to see if she teaches anywhere else in the city, or if she’s thought about doing more classes at the Sports Village but unfortunately she currently does neither. I missed out on a spot for yesterday’s class sadly – despite getting on the website at 8am on the day the class is open for booking! I spoke to reception repeatedly over the course of the day trying to get a cancellation but the lady on the phone said that people are now booking online when it goes live at midnight and it’s usually full by when the gym opens at 06:30am. Right, well that says a lot of GOOD things about this class; at least the gym know about it so maybe they’ll respond to the huge demand? I guess it also points out that Aberdeen is in need of more decent challenging yoga classes – are we finally ready to hop on the trend which took off in the mid-90s in the rest of the world? Namaste, bitches!

Tuesday – 8 miles, 1hr 17.
Was a bit nervous at first due to this being my first run since the previous Thursday, but I was delighted to report no pain and happy knees.

Wednesday – 11 miles, 1 hr 49.
Unprecedented February warmth saw me running in shorts and a singlet – it was a beautiful evening for running! My fuzzy running head miscalculated how far I had to go on my second out and back to make up 10 miles and I ended up doing 11 instead.

Thursday – REST.
Resting and positively thinking about the big one the next day…

Friday – 27 miles 5hrs 05min
The last long run before the race – and technically, I’m now an ultrarunner! How about that then?! I met with my friend from Fetch, Sheri, at 9.30ish at the startline of the D33 race for the run. It was dry and sunny but a bit on the windy side in places – really mixed weather. It was a long hard slog; from about 10 miles in my legs were feeling heavy and it wasn’t a very pleasent experience from then on. Sheri began to struggle with nausea and tummy aches from around then too and we ended up walking a lot more than we both had planned in miles 15-18. At mile 18 she told me to go ahead as  she didnt think she’d be able to run much more at all – every time she started running she felt like she needed to be sick. I pushed on and did a couple more cycles of ‘Run 30 mins, Walk 5 mins’ as per race plan. I had shaken off the heavy legs feeling and felt a lot happier than I had done earlier and needed to be strict with myself – Yes, it hurts. Yes, it’s uncomfortable; but do you feel bad enough that you can’t run? No. Stop complaining and just keep moving. In the last 3 miles I ran 0.9 of the mile and walked the remaining 0.1. The feeling of not being able to run became more overwhelming but I  found breaking it up into bitesized chunks was easier. I have a feeling that the last few miles of the race may be like this, but I’m ok with that as I’m traversing the same distance in roughly the same time which is all that matters.

I passed mile 26.2 at around 4:55, which creams around 17 minutes off my marathon time. With less walking in the middle I’m confident I would have knocked a lot more off! I’m looking forward to trimming that down further in the race which will give me confidence for destroying my official marathon PB in a race the Autumn (likely the Moray Marathon).

Saturday – REST
I had 3 miles on the schedule for recovery, whilst I felt 100% ok to run and really wanted to, I was suffering from terrible blisters which I felt were too risky to run on if I wanted to be ok for the race the next day.

Sunday – RACE – Devilla Forest 15k Trail Race – 1hr 29min 59sec. Warm up – 1.6mi – 15mins
This was a bit of a last minute decision after a twitter friend told me about this new event which featured both a 5k and a 15k race. NewRunnerNiall was wanting to try out his new skills in a race and I really fancied the 15k after I read up on it, so we decided to sign up since it was cheap too.  I’ll do a brief race report tomorrow with more information and thoughts, but all in all it was a sucessful venture; very well run event on BEAUTIFUL trails. Muddy and rocky with lots of ups and downs!

Picture courtesy of

So that’s my D33 training done, and now all I have to do is navigate the taper and get myself to the starting line in one piece. I am feeling confident that I’m ready to put in a great performance in this race and am tentatively expecting a 6 hour finish if all goes well. After my stellar mileage of the last week I’m gagging to keep it up, but I know it’s time to cut down and give myself a rest, let my muscles restore themselves and let the hideous blisters heal. Thus the challenges of a taper…


  1. Well done on your Devilla race,

    Your well on trail to run a great d33

    see you there 🙂

  2. Good to see you on Sunday.

    All the best for D33. Look forward to reading how it goes.


  3. Holy moley, I thought the blister you were carrying t’other week was bad! That is just mental (and gnarly)…

    Well done on the week’s running, and even better luck on reining yourself in for the duration of the taper!

  4. Good to meet you on Sunday – saw you finish and you were looking strong, bring on the D33!

    • I felt like I had a really good strong finish – picked it up the last two miles and loved that nice downhill to the finishline!
      See you at the D33 🙂

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