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REVIEW: Workplay Bags Fleetfoot II Waistpack

I was contacted recently by a Workplay Bags  representative who invited me to test out and review one of their newer products, the Fleetfoot II Waistpack. Workplay design sports and fitness bags specifically for women and pride themselves on their intuitive designs and practicality. They have a wide range of bags including larger gym bags and hydration packs as well as smaller waistpacks such as the Fleetfoot II.

There are many products on the market designed to help runners carry the kit they need when they’re out and about, however the female-specific design of this bag quickly sets it apart from the waist packs offered by some of the more well-known outdoor brands. It is ergonomically designed to sit comfortably on the curve of a woman’s hips and move perfectly with the body whilst running.

Other carefully thought out features include a soft fleece inside pocket to stop keys and money rattling when you run, an In Case Of Emergency label to complete, and stretchy elastic loops between the main pouch and the strap where you could store a lightweight waterproof or a longsleeve top. It is fully adjustable up to 44″ waist and also has reflective trim all around for extra visibility.

Upon first examining the bag I was impressed with the many features and how sturdy, yet lightweight it was. I was able to easily adjust the strap to fit my waist and found that the pouch fit snuggly in the small of my back.

I was able to fit my smartphone, my keys, chapstick and some money in comfortably, and found that there were compartments to keep items apart for ease of location later on.

The day I tested the bag for the first time it was very warm and I was intending on running around 7 or 8 miles. I wouldn’t normally take water with me on a run of this length but I thought if the bag could carry water securely I would give it a try.

From what I could see, the water bottle would be fitted in where my hand is, and I was able to slide a 500ml Lucozade Sport bottle in easily. A little too easily unfortunately; I found the elastic to be too stretchy and the bottle did not feel securely held. When I jogged up and down the hallway before leaving it slid out so I decided to take money with me and stop by a newsagent mid-run if required instead.

I have since been informed that there is in fact another  pouch behind the elasticated loops which is designed to carry the water bottle. I’m sure this is easy enough to find; perhaps I was just too excited to get outside and run in the sun to see it, but it wasn’t immediately obvious to me.

Other than this, the bag lived up to all my expectations from reading the website and I found it to be an excellent product. When I started running I realised Ihad put it on a little tightly, but found it easy to adjust whilst moving and after that I barely noticed I was wearing it at all. The bag did not bounce even when running down hill on a trail and the contents didn’t jingle around at all.

In the past on medium length runs or races I have used my SIS marathon belt which up to a point has proved compeltely functional, however the features and comfort of the Fleetfoot make it a vastly preferable waistpack. If I was to make one suggestion however, it would be to include some elastic loops along the side of the bag to tuck gels into for easy access whilst running. In races in particular runners don’t want to be fumbling with pouches and zips to get access to their fuel, so to be able to reach around and tug a gel from an elastic loop without too much thought is a bonus.

The Fleetfoot II retails at £29.99 and can be purchased from the Workplay Online Shop


  1. Good review, but I am more excited about the Texas Longhorn visor you appear to be wearing! 🙂

  2. Who knew that there was such a Scotland-Austin connection! I am also a Texas Ex (and live in Austin) and am registered for the Edinburgh Half next year. And my last name is Mitchell.

    My husband wants to know if we should bring you some salsa or Shiner Bock when we’re in Scotland. 🙂

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