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January Training

…And all of a sudden, it was February! Who else is baffled that a month of the year is gone already?! I’ve been so busy at work, at home, and in training that the weeks have slipped by at an alarming pace.

Training is going very well and I was pleased to only miss one run in the whole month of my plan. This was the day after Kynon’s birthday on the 26th, where whilst my head was a little tender, my excuse was that the weather was utterly catastrophic and the wind coming off the sea was so bad you could barely stand up. There was a dry window in the day when I could have done the run but by then I was busy doing other things so just wrote it off as a casualty of a busy lifestyle.


Other than that I have been consistently knocking out my sessions during the week and enjoying long runs on the weekends. I would love to have some beautiful wintery photographs from Scotland to share with you like last year, but the weather has been so bad that my phone camera has stayed safe in a ziplock bag in my rucksack away from the rain. This winter has been unusually mild, so unlike last year when we were spending Saturday mornings skating around on ice, instead we’ve been battling pouring rain and harsh winds which has made things less than pleasant at times.

I ran 186 miles in the month which is the highest I’ve ran since July 2012, when I hit 202 miles when training for my second marathon. If I continue to be consistent and do all my sessions, this February will be my biggest month ever. It was around this time last year that the wheels started to come off my training and I was getting exhausted, so I am remembering how awful I felt then and if necessary will deploy the patented Mike Raffan ‘Don’t Be A Dick’ tactic and veto some sessions if I end up running myself in to the ground again (literally).

The other good news is that by sensible diet and hard training I managed to gently shift the spare half stone which was lingering around after an easy end to 2013 and a fortnight of Christmas indulgence. My goal now is to actually maintain my body shape as if I lose any more fat weight I will be in danger of having a wedding dress which does not fit. With increasing effort and mileage on the cards until the D33 this may actually be somewhat of a challenge. I’ve already been warned by my seamstress that most brides lose some weight whether they mean to or not in the weeks before the wedding – usually due to stress. Add 50 – 60 mile weeks, hill running and circuit training on to that and it could be interesting. Doughnut, anyone?!

Tomorrow is my first race of the year – the Forfar Multiterrain half marathon. I did 17 miles this morning so it will be a great back to back. The weather looks dry enough but it’s forecast to be very windy; my memories of last year’s race include a very exposed hill so I will be taking a lot of layers. Kynon is supposed to be running too, but he’s managed to pick up a very nasty tummy bug/food poisoning so I doubt he’ll be joining me judged on how he looks currently but you never know.

I’d like to interact more with you guys this year, so allow me to launch some questions at you:

– How is your training going so far this year? Did you hit your goals for January?

– Married ladies; did you accidentally lose weight before your wedding? I’m not sure my seamstress is telling the truth…
– Are you racing tomorrow? What are you doing?



  1. What an excellent way to kick off your 2014- that’s some big miles! I’m liking your ‘don’t be a dick’ strategy and it’s given me a good first month of 2014 too- remembering to rest when I need to or don’t feel right so I’m fit to run well when it matters. I’m cracking on with marathon training and am working up to those magical 50 mile weeks!

    • I’ve been comparing my training from last year and it looks quite similar except I’m running 5 days a week rather than 4 – sameish weekly mileage though.
      Quite annoyed I should have cracked into the magic 50 last week but my one skive of the month prevented it…bleh. Provided I don’t DNF tomorrow I’ll finish on 57.

  2. I definitely did not ‘accidentally’ lose weight before our wedding, and I was plenty busy in the run up to it. Never heard of this being a thing either.

    • Haha – it’s probably just brides not being honest about crash diets or something. A girl at work said she lost a couple of inches in the month before which messed up her dress a bit…it all seems a bit odd really, and another thing stressed out brides really needn’t worry about!

  3. Fantastic January Rhona! I wish I could report my training is going as well as yours, but it looks like I’ll be pulling out of my first few events of the year as im still utterly fatigued 🙁 Hopefully the end of February will bring better news! As for losing weight accidentally – definitely! My dress was taken in and was still too big. After a night if ceilidh-ing I was almost indecent!
    Hope the wedding plans are all coming together smoothly 🙂

    • Oh boo 🙁 Sorry to hear you’re still suffering. No point in pushing through stuff like that though – better to get 100% better and hit the rest of the year hard than have some awful runs/races.
      I don’t have any spare weight to go, so I’m hoping that if I just continue eating and training healthily I’ll be fine – and I definitely won’t say no to any treats that cross my path!

  4. I should add that my dress was ordered too big as my seamstress assured me they were sized differently so it had to be taken in anyway. I then found out a lot of wedding places do this on purpose just to get money out of you. Gullible fool that I am!

  5. What a great start to the year!
    My training is going well too and I’m feeling strong having completed all my planned sessions. Hopefully this will continue into my big challenge this year.
    I was also training when we got married so I do remember trying to make sure I maintained my weight after my dress fittings to make sure that it would be the right fit on the day. It all worked out fine and I’m sure it will for you too.
    No racing for me just yet, but hubby is off to Forfar tomorrow so you might bump into him somewhere.

  6. Glad to hear you’re doing well. I’m also doing more miles than ever in preparation for my own wee triple crown: D33, London Marathon, Hoghland Fling. May bump into you at one of the ultras!

  7. Very glad to see you blogging even though this is such a busy year for you. Great job with the training and getting your miles in.

    I am training for the Austin marathon, two weeks from today. January was my peak of about a year of steady training with an October marathon whose time I hope to beat. I got in two distance races last month and built on them to get in a high mileage week each time. Over 40 now, I am running every day but take my hard weeks a week apart to give myself time to recover. Cycling that way has helped me make progress without setbacks.

    I don’t know about the wedding dress thing. I got married the day after a marathon and was really worried that the carb loading would make it too tight, but ultimately it made no difference. I guess it might depend on what type of dress you have and how fitted it needs to be, but a few pounds one way or the other shouldn’t make a huge difference I wouldn’t think.

    • I will definitely run the Austin Marathon one day! After living in Austin for a year I feel I have to; it’s just at a really awkward time of year for me in my current job as it doesn’t fit around term times.
      I would be really nervous getting married the day after a marathon! Apart from the obvious risk of not being able to walk up the aisle without pain, I always swell up and get bloated after a long, long race.

      • I hope you do get to come run Austin one day! Would love to see you cross the finish line with the Saltire.

        Our wedding story is — my husband and I dated for 5 days; he proposed on New Year’s Eve and said that we would get married the day after I ran the Boston Marathon (I had never qualified); I ran Austin and qualified; I registered for Boston (in the days before it sold out many months in advance); I ran the race; and we got married up there with just our parents and ourselves, less than four months after our first date. Probably not a typical wedding. 🙂

  8. At the risk of jinxing things my training is going rather well. Building up the distance on a solid footing and I should hopefully be ahead of schedule by the time I get to March. With all the weddings that month my running has to fit round the travel plans!

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