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West Highland Way Race Training Week 4

West Highland Way Race Training, Week 4
Week Beginning 16th February

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Tempo-ish run – 6 miles
Power Yoga – 1 hour
I came home with a real need to go for a run, so decided to run 3 hard miles out, take two minutes recovery and then try to run the 3 miles back quicker. The two times were 25:41 and 24:18 which I was pleased with.

I had to attend a meeting which took all evening and prevented me from attending running club.

8 miles – Around Aberdeen
I was visiting a friend in hospital so decided to take advantage of being in a different place. I enjoyed running around my old favourite trails near Hazelhead and on the roads around the West End before coming home and going straight to BodyPump. 

8.8 miles – Club run including 5k tempo

Unplanned rest – I had a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in. A planned short run had to be sacraficed!

Rest day
1.5 hours standing in the cold by the side of a rugby pitch and then 3 hours standing at a gig was not the perfect rest before a long run, but as they say, it’s all about ‘time on feet’…

28.2 mile long run
My training friends and I rescheduled our usual Saturday long run to Sunday due to a Beer Festival on the Friday night which we were all keen to attend.This was a great idea in theory, however the beautiful weather we saw on Saturday morning was replaced by a forecast on Sunday for, well, locusts. A yellow snow warning, 100% chance of rain and 20-30mph winds from the South. There wasn’t much choice but to get on with it so we wrapped up well and headed out. I ran with Mike for the most part and we didn’t need to put our rain jackets on until 20 miles, when the precipitation and wind got really harsh. The last 8 miles were horrible, with us battling face first into sideways icy rain on the exposed back roads. Unfortunately not all of our group made it to the finish with two having to be picked up on the way by kindly drivers and the rest taking somewhat of an accidental scenic route. The cup of tea and bowl of soup at Balmakewan Cafe after 28.2 miles were the best I’ve ever had.

Total: 50.8 miles


red wine runner 28 mile runPicture: Vikki Shanks

So in theory this is my training for the D33 ‘done’ and it is time for taper. My plan between now and the race is to do one more 20 mile run and a 15 mile run, and take it easy the week of the race. My decision whether to race or run the race is not yet made, but I’ve been encouraged by my training so far so unless anything goes wrong I will be going out for a new personal best at the D33.

This weekend I’m in Edinburgh for the rugby so will be doing my 20 miles solo on Friday morning and am hoping to fit in a Bikram or Hot Yoga session at some point over the weekend, as well as a run around Arthur’s Seat. I also have some coursework due in at University so am juggling the important things in life like mad as usual…

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  1. Sounds like you’re in good shape for the race and well done for completing your run on Sunday. I had 16 miles to do that day and the weather was awful. Not sure my frozen hands (despite gloves!) would have coped with much more! At least we’re both well prepared in case of bad weather on race day 😉

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