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Devil o’ the Highlands Footrace Preview

Devil o the Highlands Footrace

Oh my; all of a sudden we’re in the last 48 hours before the start of the Devil o the Highlands Footrace 2015 and I have no idea where the last 6 weeks have gone. At 6am on Saturday morning I will be back running on the West Highland Way, making my way once more to Fort William, this time starting at Tyndrum. It’s a 42 mile race, and in total since the West Highland Way Race on June 20th I’ve run…40 miles.

spock laugh

Yeaaahhhhh. So. Picard up there sums up how I feel about that right now. I don’t have a lot of time to blog today (nor have I done sufficient planning for this race to warrant my usual pre-race preparation blog), so I am going to sum up my thoughts on Saturday’s race in a series of moderately amusing gifs. There will be running, eating, and drinking. It will hurt, the weather forecast is biblical, but that’s kind of how these things go. I’ll be running on muscle memory, custard and blue Powerade. See you there!

3am alarm clock:


Because I am a postgraduate student writing her thesis, I’ve been going to SLEEP at 2/3am recently and waking up around 9. Basically my body clock is broken. This is me trying to sleep tomorrow night:

no sleep On the bus:


On the start line after coffee and Red Bull and seeing my friends:


The race starts:deal

First 10 miles; yeah, I got this:


Rannoch Moor:


First check point:


Climbing the Devil’s Staircase:


When you realise you’re finally in Kinlochleven:


Checkpoint 2:

check 2

Crossing Lairig Mhor:


Final mile feels:

giphy (16)

giphy (17)

giphy (15)

Approaching the finish line like it was no big deal:

giphy (19)

Finishing the race hand in hand with your husband, marriage still intact:


Post-race massage:

giphy (18)


giphy (21) giphy (22)giphy (20)giphy (24)giphy (23)

Here’s to the final part of the 2015 Triple Crown!



  1. Brilliant!

  2. Seriously the funniest blog post I have seen yet. Brilliant. Congratulations on a great season! You are *almost* inspiring me to run an ultra in Scotland just so I can see these amazing views.

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