background13Marathon number four and my first attempt at a sub-four hour time is now quickly approaching. At the time of typing I have approximately 21 hours until the starter’s horn and I couldn’t feel more prepared and ready! This is an acute improvement on last year when at this point before the race I was ready to run as hard and as fast as I could in the opposite direction.

Despite my somewhat patchy training this summer, another years’ experience has taught me again that ticking off every run on the schedule isn’t the most important part of race preparation and success so I feel 100% ready to smash my goal. When I think about the state of my knee and how tired I was when I started the Paris Marathon I’m filled with confidence for tomorrow – I’ve never felt fitter or stronger and I believe that tomorrow is going to be a very strong race for me.


Bronze – 3:59:59 or quicker.
It’s a marathon time with a 3 at the start at that’s what I’m setting out to come home with.

Silver – 3:55 or quicker.
A solid sub-4 time which requires 26 sub-9 minute miles.

Gold – 3:50 or quicker.Ambitious, but not impossible. This could happen if tomorrow ends up being beautifully executed and I get the perfect race, meaning 20 steady 8:50ish miles and a strong finish. Stranger things have happened.

All things considered however, I won’t be too upset even if I do have a total stinker and blow up. As long as I finish and clock up another 26.2 then I’ll consider it a general success. I really like the idea of getting a strong marathon time but it’s not my biggest goal in running; as we know my sights are already firmly set on a 2015 West Highland Way Race and everything I run between now and Milngavie in June 2015 is training for that race.

The weather is looking perfect; cloudy and 12-13C with a slight Westerly wind which will help in the long, straight middle miles on the straight West facing road to Lossiemouth. I’ve spent the last 21ish hours following the live progress of the UTMB in France and am feeling pumped up and inspired by these amazing runners and breathtaking performances. It’s scarey to think that there will still be runners out on than course when I start my race tomorrow – after 40+ hours of running!

I don’t know anyone else who is running the marathon tomorrow but a couple of friends are doing the Half. I’ve made a pumping emergency playlist for the tough and lonely miles but as usual I won’t be running with my iPod for the whole race. It’s quite a barren course with few other runners and not a lot to look at so I think I’ll be grateful for the musical distraction when things get tough.

Moray Marathon 2012

Another finish like this please.

Kynon is providing support duties as he did last year and will be popping up at 10, 15 and 20 miles with my favourite blue Powerade. My parents are rumoured to be in the area with their camper van as well so I may well have a good welcome waiting for me when I cross the finish line. Just thinking about it now is giving me good shivers – I am so ready to race this hard and I can’t wait to get started!!

See you on the other side,