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London Marathon | Final Thoughts

This is not the post I expected to be writing 24 hours before the London Marathon, but I need to give you an update on how the last week has gone. I’m writing this on my phone in my hotel room, so firstly let me apologise for any typos or random formatting which may occur. 
A week ago today I woke up with a tickle in my throat and feeling really run down. I got on with my day, but needed a two hour nap before I made it along to the pub for a couple of soft drinks before quitting at 9.30pm to go home to bed. The next day I felt pretty grim, but I was just relieved that race day was 7 days away and I had plenty of time to recover…

I was awake at 4am the next morning to travel back to Edinburgh and I muddled and coughed my way through my day before retreating to bed feeling terrible as a dose of ‘proper’ flu took hold. I didn’t get out of bed for the next 48 hours; swathed in an agonising fever which felt like acid was coursing through my veins. Every limb ached and I couldn’t sleep, eat, or think straight. 

Whilst the race was on Sunday, I had chosen to fly down on Thursday morning in order to attend The Running Awards on Thursday night, and the Women Run Strong event which was hosted by Susie Chan and Kelly Roberts. With my company having an office in Central London, this made perfect sense as I could still go to work and enjoy a couple of days of fun London life.

As you can imagine though, I was in no fit state to take a red-eye flight on Thursday morning. However on Wednesday night I felt a bit improved and was convinced I was on the mend. A 4am alarm and five hours of travel by bus, plane, train, and rush hour tube, meant that I got into my office and almost collapsed, much to the horror of my colleagues who were working there that day. Not my finest moment, and I’m actually genuinely mortified…

The long and short of it, is that it has been very touch and go whether I would be able to run on Sunday. If it was any other race I would have given up the pressure days ago, but it’s LONDON; I’ve been desperate to do this race for years and the opportunity to run it as part of Team Floatride was a dream come true, and one which I was stubbornly not going to give up on.

So I’m going for it. Whilst I’m not fully 100%, in the last 36 hours I’ve seen a massive improvement, regained my appetite, and feel like a new human being. My incredible body has done an amazing job of seeing off these bugs, and after the 3 mile run at the  Women Run Strong event, I felt good. Fatigued and a bit lead-legged, but good! 

I can cope with feeling shitter than normal, but I wouldn’t be stupid enough to run if I thought I was still too ill. I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I’ve decided that I can do it. It might take me five or six hours, but my bread and butter is running for ten, fifteen, twenty hours, so I can cope with being a bit more uncomfortable than usual for a bit longer than usual. Some might even say I’m getting more value for money…

So tomorrow will be about FINISHING LINES not FINISHING TIMES. I want a new PB in marathon fun; I want to dance through the streets of the Capital enjoying the biggest celebration of the sport I love the most. I want to take selfies with running Rhinos, high five old ladies, dance to the bands, and wave to the cameras. My sub 3:45 goal can wait for another day; tomorrow is going to be all about enjoying the experience no matter how long it takes me!

Good luck to everyone taking part tomorrow – I hope you get the races you want and finish with big, happy smiles!


  1. Good luck tomorrow Rhona. I would be doing the same thing. Just take it easy and enjoy it!

  2. Sounds like you’re making the most of a tricky situation, so get out there and dance! X

  3. Good luck tomorrow. Save the pb for a boring race where there is nothing to look at!

  4. Good luck Rhona. Anything better than a finish is a bonus.

  5. Good luck Rhona. As someone who’s previously had proper flu, I’m so impressed you’re up and ready to have a go. Have an awesome time in London and soak up every second of the atmosphere. I’m already looking forward to your race report (complete with Rhino photos!).

  6. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. You get to revel in the atmosphere and there’s always another occasion to get a PB. Have fun and hydrate!!!

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