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  1. Rhona, really really enjoyed reading all about the marathon, you are one helluva brave and determined woman. It was like running with you but without experiencing the pain. I am sure you will take the ultra in your stride, nothing can stop you – marathon runner, force of nature! 🙂

  2. Donna kennedy

    March 6, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    Loving reading about your training! Well done and good luck on D33!!! I hope to do it next year! 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

  4. Hi Rhona. Been following your progress since last year, and found your marathon and ultra marathon report really useful in my own training. Will hopefully be able to use some of your tips in my own first marathon next week. Looking forward to that last mile already! Keep up the good work

  5. Hi Rhona,
    I was really interested in your last entry about your Loch Ness Marathon experience. I was amazed that it was almost exactly the same as mine. Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago was my first marathon and I went into it slightly smug and injury free and at around 13 miles ended up with the ouside of my knees feeling like rusty gate hinges. I finished in 5 Hours 11 minutes sore and shell shocked. I have been doing ITB stretches but wondered how you managed to get over this hurdle to be able to handle the very impressive training regime that you are following now. I have lost motivation slightly since Edinburgh.

  6. well done Rhona…. that is a superb time…. we were watching the marathon runners come in in Inverness last October (after running the 10k) and I remember you, and even in the pain you were in, you had a big smile…… It must feel good to put that painful race to bed!!!

    As far as the foot/shoe thing…… I sometimes have a similar sensation…. it’s weird…. I’m also a Saucony wearer, and every year they change them…… some are good, and some are not so good….. I wish they wouldn’t change them!


    • Thanks Gill 🙂 It feels so good to have ‘conquered’ the marathon now, I was so devestated last year when I couldn’t give the distance my best attempt due to the injury.
      I’m hoping to transition to a more minimal style of footwear in the coming months so maybe the new Sauconys will help…

  7. Hi !
    I was at the fraserburgh half , and i also thought they were rude and a little bit aggressive. A nice day and race , just a shame the lady , sorry! Woman handing out the t shirts had as much manners as a klingon eatng her supper. I was the first to get a medal but only because i asked .They were reluctant to hand them out .I ended up giving my one away and ordering the sameone off the internet , but getting my name and time inscribed on it £2.50 not much .Not much to keep a happy runner happier!

    • Hi Mark,
      I’d never seen behaviour like it from a race organiser, it was such a shame and really spoiled the day; she was rude to a lot of people!
      I got a medal in the post, unfortunately they neglected to put the right postage on it so to get my hands on it I had to go and pay a £1 fee and 19p extra postage…

  8. Hi Rhona, I found your blog from a comment you made on; I really enjoyed reading your blog and I am going to use your blog as an inspiration to myself to keep up my training and setting a few PBs for myself this year.

  9. Hi Rhona,

    Have you any idea when online entries will open for next years Xodus Ythan Challenge? Try as I might it’s very difficult to find out when they open.


  10. Hi,

    Still managing to keep up with your amazing progress, well done! I have now moved to Perth WA, running here is very different and too damn hot!
    Wanted to wish you massive congratulations on your recent engagement – you both look so very happy!
    Devastating scenes from Stonehaven durning the awful floods, hope things are getting sorted for you at home!

    Keep up the great work.

    Donna 🙂

    • Hi Donna,
      Thanks for your kind message! I can’t imagine what it must be like to live and run in such a hot climate, it must be very challenging but I hope you get used to it soon. They probably feel the same about our cold climate I suppose…
      Stonehaven is drying out, but the battle with the council for improvement in protection is only just begun…
      Best wishes,

  11. I see your getting a stitch. This is usually due to your diaphram being starved of oxygen. Hence the stabbing pain you get underneath the rib cage . If you take deeper more controlled breaths this may help . You are maybe running a little too fast and you are losing your deep breathing rythm. If you have to stop due to the pain , touching your toes often helps. I hope this is some help , its not a nice feeling and the only time ive ever had it was running too fast down hill . Diaphram goes into spasm and buggers up your breathing.

  12. Hi there, I’m sorry to bother you but I just wanted to say thank you for your blog. I have just recently completed my first marathon at this years loch ness marathon and your race review of it and then your subsiquent blogs inspired me to ‘give it a go’ I had a bit of a mad race and although I’m not 100% happy with how it went (knackered) I’m very pleased I entered and finished. So thank you.
    I have also decided to write a blog about my race and wondered if you wouldn’t mind me linking to your blog? Not sure about blogging etticate you see.

    • Hi Paul,
      Thank you so much for your comment – it’s truly no bother at all! Congratulations on completing Loch Ness – what a great 1st marathon to pick 🙂 Of course you can link to me – please share your blog link here; I’d love to read it.
      Best wishes,

      • Hi again. Many thanks for the encouragement but distamce running is definitely harder than your blog suggests. So you shouldn’t make it sound so easy 🙂 I must confess my first entry isnt very well written but please feel free to have a look. Im also still working out all the website technicalities.

        Good luck with the rest of your running and I hope you get the chance to return to blogging in the not too distant future.

        Many thanks.

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